Private VIP Life Coaching Program 


with Katie Pulsifer 

For Women Who Are Ready To...  

Improve their relationships Eliminate overwhelm Feel more confident 

Stop people-pleasing Take exceptional care of themselves Feel more empowered Feel less frustrated

Stop procrastinating Follow through on their goals Set boundaries Discover more purpose, motivation, and success  



So they can have more time for things they love And stop wasting precious time and emotional energy on things they don't So they can develop clarity about exactly what they want And build commitment to follow through on creating it

And finally, so they can create confidence to take massive action to achieve it 

Does this sound like you?  

I created the EVOLve YOU coaching program out of a desire to show you what's possible when you use life coaching strategies to get a different perspective on your life.  

It's designed from all the work that I have done in my own life, to positively and compassionately change my life.  

Because I know that coaching + tools + accountability can ignite lasting change for those who are willing to go all in.  

An there's nothing more powerful than to have a coach in your life that cares about you, encourages you and supports you on your chosen path forward. 


First, it increases awareness. We take time to look at your life from the outside, without judgment.  

Second, it gets emotions under control. Emotional responsibility is imperative to make progress.  

Finally, it demands massive action. We insist on making commitments and following through for predictable results.  

Coaching is not therapy. We don't explore your past or try to make sense of your childhood. We simply start where you are and EVOLve forward.  

It's a future-focused, life-changing process.  

 I am a Certified Life Coach. And I am a client of a Certified Master Life Coach. I know this work inside and out, as both the client and as the Certified Coach.  

And, I'm totally committed and invested in my own personal growth & EVOLution - which means I've personally done all the exact same work that I will be teaching you. 

I know where you will meet your resistance and want to quit (because I've been there) and where you will soar to new heights and feel unstoppable. 

I will guide you, support you, encourage you, push you, love you and celebrate you through each of those moments. 

What I'll teach and WHAT YOU'LL CREATE!


Identify what's holding you back and keeping you stuck in old negative patterns. This is where you will begin to gain insight and awarenes about your thinking and how it impacts all of your results. 


Learn the important role that emotions play in your life. I will show you how to manage the negative feelings that are inevitable, while learning to create positive emotions on purpose to fuel your life.


Develop the skill of confidence creation so you can navigate through fear, self-doubt and worry with ease. Use self-confidence to fuel focus, strong decision-making and follow-through on what matters to you.


Understand how relationships really work. Learn exactly how to drop the expectations and what you cannot control, so you can create more peace, acceptance, and love.


Reinvent your relationship with YOU. Develop the skill of unconditional love, through effortless self-care. Discover what it means to reconnect with what matters to youso you can deeper self-respect, compassion and kindness.

And wait...there's even more!


Discover how to unlearn outdated beliefs that keep you stuck in old patterns and negative habits. Learn exactly how to create a different future full of possibility and opportunity.


Understand how to use your most valuable asset for your benefit. Discover how to create more time for what you love and to finally stop wasting time on what you don't.


Finally release the pain from the past. See opportunities in forgiveness and letting go. Although the events of your past cannot be changed, your current thinking can. This lesson provides immense relief from unecessary suffering.


Become aware of what you have both in your mind and in your home. Make decisions and then learn how to say goodbye to what you don't want so you can create more of what you do want.


If you are tired of dreaming and wanting, and excited to start producing, then you will love learning how to get results faster than ever before. Learn how to make strong decisions, plan and honor your plan.


Design the future of your dreams by using your future self as role-model and mentor. This powerful step combines the power of the law of attraction with taking massive action to make your desired future, inevitable!

VIP Private Coaching Details:

6 Months of Private Coaching

18 PRIVATE Coaching Calls

On each call, I will be teaching you from the 12 LESSONS while customizing them to your personal and individual situation

Weekly assignments & supporting reference materials that make coaching lessons ACTIONABLE  

Unlimited access to me for SUPPORT, ACCOUNTABILITY AND CELEBRATION (via text & email)

(think of me “on-call” - FOR 6 MONTHS)


"It sounds great, but will it work for me?" This works for anyone who is willing to commit to doing all the work in the program. And for anyone willing to be open to learning new things about themselves and to explore and embrace the possibility of change in their future.  

"I have signed up for things like this before and didn't get the results I was expecting." I know what it's like to sign up for things and be disappointed with the outcome - I have used those experiences in my own life to create a program that not only teaches lessons but supports the lessons through implementation AND offers access to me for accountability and follow-through. I will coach you specifically on the follow-through, commitment, and goal setting! I know how to anticipate my client's resistance moments and guide them back towards what they really want.  

"I'm already so busy, I am not sure that I have the time to do all the work." The program has some built-in flexibility, so you can do your assignments in the manner that is best for you. You book your weekly private coaching calls based on your own schedule. 

6 Payments: $625

1 Payment: $3500


“For many years I prided myself on my ability to “do it all”. I was a wife, mother, and friend with a successful full-time career. I dutifully lived my life by the rules, intently focused on pleasing others. No matter what was asked of me or how hectic my life had become I always found a way to get it all done and more. It wasn’t until an unexpected life-changing event, several months ago, forced me to take a hard look at my life. I was on autopilot and never noticed that I had become unhappy and unfulfilled in the life I had worked so hard to create. I was not being truthful with myself.

When I first started working with Katie I was surprised to learn how little time I spent thinking about what I really wanted in my life. I was too busy living my life according to other’s expectations that I never took a step back to ask myself if this was the life of my dreams. Katie compassionately and without judgment showed me how to think differently about myself and my life. Katie’s approach is supportive and intuitive yet she holds me accountable to do the hard work so I can show up differently in my life. She gave me tools and showed me how to use them. 

Through our work together I have identified what I truly want out of my life and how to never settle for less than I deserve. I learned how to set boundaries in all areas of my life and to find ways to simplify everything. Taking care of myself has become a priority and fear no longer has a grip on me. Because of my work with Katie, I feel empowered to set and hold myself to new life goals. With Katie’s continued support and guidance, I am creating the life I deserve.” – Karen N.

“I have learned so much through coaching with Katie. Katie has helped me to understand that I have control over my own thought processes and that I really have the keys to making my life exactly how I want it to be. The coaching sessions were inspiring, eye opening and thought provoking. The tools learned through coaching with Katie have helped me to rediscover myself, as well as grow tremendously. Life is great!” – Wendy

"I inquired about coaching with Katie because of needing some career direction and tools to process a total romantic relationship fail. I was indecisive, stuck, repeating old and unhelpful patterns, having trouble weighing/prioritizing different aspects of decisions. I was frustrated, discouraged, annoyed with myself, impatient and anxious. It felt like I was spinning – considering the same things over and over and not making progress. And I was literally being kept up at night- unable to manage the anxiety effectively and it was taking a real toll on my health.  

I had some concerns about the cost and value of coaching, but after attending a webinar that Katie taught I found her approach very helpful and practical and the realization that I needed to do something different.  

During our coaching, I gained a few really big and profound insights into how my thinking/behavior was not enabling me to be my best self. Some highlights included practicing self-possession and not needing to share everything, that thoughts generate feelings and thoughts are controllable, that decisions should be made and course corrections applied as needed, and that everyone is really just doing what they need to do for themselves which is entirely ok. I’m still practicing applying them consistently but when I do they really make a difference. And most importantly, after coaching with Katie, I feel like I back on track." – Elizabeth M. 

“Since coaching with Katie, I have become much more aware of my own actions and behaviors and how they affect my everyday life. I have become more in-tune to my own ways of reinforcing behaviors that I want to change and making me more accountable to myself. I am also glad to know some techniques to get me out of the overthinking spiral that I used to get lost in. I am also more likely and able to try new things and push myself out of my comfort zone. I have become less frustrated with myself and less critical of my behaviors, and have become more empathetic and interested in my thoughts and reactions, rather than immediately condemning them.” – NJP

As soon as you sign up (by clicking the link above) you will directed to Satori, my client management system, to set up your profile and make decide on your preferred payment plan. You will also find an in-depth questionnaire to help you do some goal setting for the program. You will also get access to my coaching calendar and will be able to start booking your private coaching calls immediately. The private coaching call is where we will apply the coaching concepts, tools and strategies from each lesson, directly to your life. I will do a lot of teaching on these calls and will assign you manageable amounts of homework to support the concepts we discuss. These calls will be highly individualized and tailored towards what you specifically want to work on. You have 18 private coaching calls as part of this program as well as the unlimited access to me for additional support!

Katie Pulsifer is a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School.

She offers the latest, most effective coaching tools and remains on the cutting-edge of this discipline through continued education, training, and practice.  

She offers a neutral place for clients to share their thoughts and experiences that is free from judgment and reaction. 

She believes her clients are the experts in their own lives and helps them understand their thinking and they in turn discover the best ways to solve their problems, move forward and take action.


MY GUARANTEE: If you do all your work (and show it to me), attend all of your coaching calls, and you still don’t feel that you have evolved your life in a positive way … I will refund your money.